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Cost of Initial 90 minute new patient visit: $185

Cost of 55 minute follow up visit: $145

Payment is accepted at time of visit in form of Cash, Check and Credit Card. Insurance is not Accepted. 

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what to expect during your visit
  • Getting to Know You: Jacqui's method of listening, observing, responding​"
    You are a unique individual with an accumulation of your life's experiences stored in the cells of your body. ​Jacqui has trained for many years to cultivate highly sensitized skills in listening, observation, palpation and responding intuitively. Her goal is to deeply hear your story, understand your health concerns, and carefully discern how best to approach your treatment based on what your body presents to her in the present moment of your appointment. Jacqui is able to tune into subtle signals linked to your body's innate intelligence by feeling feedback responses either in the pulses and tissue change along the meridians or abdomen in acupuncture, and/or from a craniosacral lens she listens to the quality, rhythm and rate of the Cransiosacral rhythm and is guided by a deepening/slowing/ slight pause and sometimes pulsation that is referred to as a"significance detector, and a therapeutic pulse. This kind of bio feedback allows Jacqui to be guided by your body, and confirms that she is working in the most optimally therapeutic region of the body in that present moment. Each person's "inherent treatment plan" is revealed as these signals are followed and patterns of tension and blockages are resolved. ​
  • Making a unique PLAN for you
    Understanding how many treatments are needed, and ​lifestyle recommendations to support sustainable change. Every person’s process is different-so Your Treatment Plan is Unique to YOU​ ​ While your main health concerns and acute symptoms will be addressed first, We may also develop long term strategies that may include how many initial treatments you may need, and then schedule additional sessions for maintenance and prevention depending on your goals. The number of treatments needed is unique to each persons specific situation. When beginning treatment, Jacqui usually recommends a series of 5 -7 weekly visits. We discuss what works best for you in terms of availability and budget. ​In addition to our in office treatments, we may also recommend supplements, exercises, yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, as well as make diet and lifestyle recommendations. We provide a high level of education so our clients can make sustainable progress and life changes.
  • Healing process: what to expect
    ​Deep healing is an ongoing process throughout one’s life. By addressing your mind, body, and spirit in an integrated way, underlying issues of discomfort can be addressed for more sustainable results. ​Each person arrives at our office in a unique state and degree of health and wellbeing. ​Although we all have the potential to heal, the amount of time and number of treatments needed varies. ​How long it takes to completely resolve a specific condition/complaint is unknown- healing is not mechanistic and there are many variables that affect outcome. However we can offer an educated prognosis and plan based on your unique circumstances and our clinical experience. Clients often feel a generalized sense of relaxation, and relief- even after the first visit. It is also common for clients to experience a temporary exacerbation of a symptom- like soreness, as the body integrates treatment and goes through a process of increased immune response, detoxification and structural recalibration. Jacqui recommends avoiding exertion, strenuous exercises or stretching 24 hours after your visit to allow time and space for your body to integrate the changes initiated by treatment. ​ She also often recommends the application of analgesic topicals, epsom salt baths and increased water intake post treatment.

Our Approach to Care: 

What to Expect During Your Visit



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Jacqui is not accepting NEW clients at this time. Please check back for updates. If you would like to be added to her waitlist, please complete the inquiry form here

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