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“Being treated by Jacqui Von Voss has been a life changing experience! Jacqui treated me as a whole person not just the issue that initially brought me in for my first visit. I can't recommend her enough! She has taught me so much about myself and healing during my journey with her. She is paving the way for women's holistic health!”  -Meg M.  


“During our 6 year relationship, Jacqui has evaluated and addressed both physical and emotional issues. Her caring treatment strategy has helped me develop into a stronger, more resilient person.” – L.K. 


“I have seen Jacqui von Voss for a number of years, for both chronic and acute conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and digestive issues, always finding comfort—and often cure—in her calm and careful treatments. She runs her practice with the highest degree of professionalism and meticulous concern for safety, employing an integrative approach that incorporates deep knowledge of multiple modalities. Her office is beautiful, her presence is healing—she is a gift to the therapeutic community.”  - Meredith D.  

“No one values the professional patient/practitioner relationship with Jacqui Von Voss more than I. Yes, Jacqui's expertise guarantees a broad knowledge of the realm of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, but along with that, she utilizes a number of other forms of holistic treatments, both ancient and modern, including cranial sacral therapy.”  Howard M. 

"Because of severe headaches and poor stamina following brain surgery, I began seeing Jacqui six years ago. From the start, I have been amazed by her gentle, compassionate healing abilities. Thanks to her deep insights into what my body needs, her wide range of skills, and her emphasis on teaching me how to keep myself healthy, my headaches are increasingly rare and my energy and resilience have returned."   Mary M. ​

"As soon as I walk into von Voss Holistic Health, I take a deep breath and and my body immediately begins to relax.  Jacqui always welcomes me with a warm smile and a cheerful hello. The therapy rooms are warm and welcoming, while soft music calms my busy thoughts.  She takes the time to actively listen to my concerns.  During my therapy sessions, Jacqui frequently checks in with me about how my body is responding to the therapy, and adjusts her approach accordingly.  My body always relaxes and my muscles release in response to her gentle touch. " Becky Y. 

"At 8 months postpartum I could barely turn my neck to drive.  I couldn't even nurse my baby without first laying down on the floor.  I had debilitating neck and back pain.  My primary care physician ran several diagnostic tests and ultimately determined that the cause of the pain was largely unknown.  I had some bulging discs in my mid back and arthritis in my neck, but nothing that explained the amount of discomfort I was experiencing.  Not knowing the cause of the pain left me feeling unsettled, uncertain and, quite frankly, a little unsafe. 

After almost a year of physical therapy, more tests, and countless hours laying on the floor while my children played around me, I decided to try acupuncture with Jacqui.  The week prior to making the first appointment I three different people recommended Jacqui, speaking highly her healing "magic".  Getting three people to say something similar about a healthcare provider is rare.  I knew Jacqui was the next step in my healing.  

What I didn't realize is what an impact Jacqui's care would have on my whole life - not just the pain.  With Jacqui as a guide, I have reconnected with myself. I have rekindled the mind, body, soul connection that so many new busy moms neglect.  I've identified vitamin supplements, a meditation routine, supportive exercises and waking/sleeping routines that support my health.  I now know that everything I need to heal myself is within me. Jacqui doesn't just swoop in and fix the pain for you (although she could), she teaches you how to use your tools to do the healing yourself.  She is a facilitator of health, a guide and a friend. She is a gifted healer who genuinely and deeply cares for each of her clients.  


My son will be three in a month and I am able to pick him up, play with him, cook our favorite meals together, jump through puddles, ride bikes, garden, play soccer, and even water ski! I have grown an inch and my eyesight has improved so much that I have a new prescription. Health is flexible, and sometimes we all get a little stuck and need a little help. Choosing Jacqui to be a part of your healing team is a catalyst for wellbeing."  Christina J.

"I originally contacted Jacqui, on a recommendation from my doctor, to ease my menopausal symptoms and I've continued with her practice ever since for my physical and emotional well being.  She's helped me with spine issues and allergies, calming and feeling centered.  I love the knowledge that she shares, information that I can take with me  whether it's about  diet and stretches or meditation, again integrating the physical and emotional health.  The office is clean and inviting and she's created the treatment rooms to be a comfortable safe space like a cocoon. "Holly J.

"I have been in Jacqui's intuitive and gentle care for over seven years. I always leave her beautiful and serene office with an improvement in my pain and discomfort and a sense of overall well being... and a smile on my face." - Liz A. 

"I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Jacqui nine years ago. I am constantly impressed by her compassion, professionalism, and knowledge.  I am an active senior with an aging body, which often translates to aches and pain. Jacqui keeps me moving. I always feel better mentally, emotionally and physically when I leave her or within a day or two. She often makes suggestions to help me stay active. If she feels it’s time to get something checked by a medical professional she will make that suggestion. She is a great asset to our community. "  -Clare B. 


"I’ve been seeing Jacqui regularly since Fall 2019. I was initially interested in craniosacral therapy to help with several chronic health conditions and was unfamiliar with concept of auricular acupuncture. After reviewing my medical history on my first visit, Jacqui suggested SAAT (acupuncture in the ear) in addition to the CST. I’m glad she did, because it has helped me immensely! Not a “cure all,” but certainly a significant change that has greatly improved my daily living.  The office itself offers a peaceful and clean environment, conducive to healing, while Jacqui’s calm and soothing personality is reassuring and relaxing. She knows her field incredibly well and stays on top of the latest treatments. I can’t say enough about how great an experience this has been!"-  Elizabeth S.

"Jacqui is absolutely amazing. Since beginning treatments with her, my neck and back have never felt better!  My fear of needles disappeared with acupuncture - Jacqui's skill is incredible!" -M.W.

"Jacqui is a naturally gifted healer – you know it just by being in her presence..." -I.L

"When I first met Jacqui, I was immediately impressed by her true concern and compassion for others; her marvelous sense of humor and fun; and her commitment to perfecting the art of her craft – all of these rare to find in one person.  Now, I come to see Jacqui when I need a loving, healing touch to help me slow down and regain my equilibrium, and I learn much about myself from her presence.” -RH

"Jacqui is uniquely sensitive and warm.  A profound healer who not only performs miracles with needles but adds her deeper understanding of health and well being and her spiritual touch to every treatment. I trust her implicitly and feel comforted by her vast knowledge and intuitive kindness.”-MB

"Jacqui's combined, deep knowledge of both acupuncture and craniosacral therapy, as well as her uplifting sense of humor, means you are in incredibly good, life-enhancing--even life-changing--hands.  She is a cross between a great healer and a great mechanic.  Get tuned up."-DVR

“I am 35 years old and have suffered from headaches for so long, that I can't remember when they began… at least 10 years ago. I used to wake up every day with a headache that would last all day. Medications helped little to none. After receiving craniosacral and acupuncture from Jacqui my headaches are now minimized and it is such a relief to wake up in the morning without pain. I also had back pain, wrist pain, stomach issues that have really improved with treatment. I truly am a new person and my life has changed for the better by 110 %.” – MB

Client Testimonials:
Feedback about our care, our process, and the results experienced by our clients. 
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